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Grading Howie Roseman's 2013 Eagles draft

The Eagles' GM found three starters in the first four rounds, but none without a blemish. Jeff McLane grades the draft, and readers have the opportunity to supply their opinions.

2013 – Grade B

Howie Roseman's fourth draft as general manager, and first with final say, came four months after the Eagles hired Chip Kelly. He adapted his personnel department's evaluations to meet the new coach's specifications and there were some strong picks. The Eagles found three starters in the first three rounds, and while each player's record isn't without a blemish, that alone constitutes as successful class. The rest of the draft was a bit of a head-scratcher. I

t's easy to point out the players the Eagles could have drafted. In fact, many team's drafts could look cringe-worthy when applying the same practice in retrospect. But there were a few whiffs. They also avoided a few busts. The names, in most cases, aren't familiar. But that's the point. And in some circumstances – represented by a "N/A" -- the Eagles did about as well (or as badly) as they could have in that round.