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Barkley thinking Eagles Super Bowl

Count Charles Barkley among the many who love what the Eagles did this offseason.

Sir Charles joined Howard Eskin and Marc Farzetta on WIP Monday and predicted a Super Bowl for the Birds in 2009.

"Good luck to my Eagles too," he said near the end of the interview. "I think the Eagles are gonna win the Super Bowl."

"And I'm glad Donovan got his contract cause y'all have not been treating him well here Howard," Barkley continued. "You know I've been on your ass all the time. McNabb's the greatest quarterback in Eagles history and y'all have not gave him the love he deserve here."

Speaking of which, let's get to some more Eagles links that we missed while I was on vacation...

**'s Ross Tucker shared Barkley's view on McNabb in a column last week. He wrote more on the topic in a mailbag, where a reader took exception with Tucker's assertion that fans here are too hard on McNabb:

When Donovan McNabb wins three Super Bowls, I think he will get the same respect from the fans as Tom Brady would if he got hurt again. As what happens with most national media, you need to be here week in and week out to know that 80 percent of Eagles fans love the fact that Donovan McNabb is our quarterback. Focusing on the negative 20 percent is more convenient because it is a story you can write. Same as 'they boo, they threw snowballs at Santa, yada yada yada...' Come to Philly and do a poll of people walking the street and find out the facts before you write an article. Don't ask your family either; they must be nitwits not to like him too.
--Craig Hanlon, Wayne, Pa.

[Tucker's response] Judging from my e-mails, it seems like it is more like 50/50 in terms of the Eagles fans and their feelings towards McNabb. I am from near Philadelphia and have a pretty good sense of the arguments both for and against McNabb, I just think the people that want to run him and Andy Reid should be careful what they wish for. And the people in my family actually like McNabb for the most part; it is my friends who dislike his "phony" (their word, not mine) personality and think he comes up small in the biggest games.

However, another reader took the opposite view on McNabb:

The answer to your question is easy. I will take one championship every 12 years and no wins all the other years vs. losing the NFC championship each year. McNabb creates his own problems by being an arrogant, conceited jerk.
--Rod Speiss, Reading, Pa.

[Tucker] Yeah, that is what most people said, and I can imagine if you have never won one that would pretty much be the sentiment. But I'd like to talk with you at the end of those 12 years and see if you really felt that way. Ostensibly, that title would last forever but my guess is by midway through the next season it would be just a thing of the past.

And so the never-ending McNabb argument goes on.

** Tom Curran of calls the Eagles' offensive additions one of the 10 best moves this offseason.

** This is an old one that I never got to. Scout, Inc's Matt Williamson said the Eagles' biggest weakness is at No. 1 receiver:

To be honest, I had a hard time coming up with something to choose for Philadelphia. Obviously, I am very high on this team and yes, the Eagles are my current pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Of the 32 articles I did about each team's biggest weakness, this one was the last I wrote. I just couldn't really come up with much. That doesn't mean the Eagles are far and away the top team in the league right now, but they are the team with fewest holes.

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