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'Rocky' has packed a punch through the years

Sylvester Stallone, who will be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (non-participant category) tomorrow, was part of all six "Rocky" films. Here is a look at the story line for each:

Sylvester Stallone, who will be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (non-participant category) tomorrow, was part of all six "Rocky" films. Here is a look at the story line for each:

Rocky (1976)

Rocky Balboa is a small-time boxer who spends his day collecting money for a loan shark and fighting in small clubs. He trains in his friend Paulie's freezer, punching carcasses. During training, Rocky dates Paulie's sister, Adrian. When the opponent of heavyweight champion Apollo Creed is injured, Creed decides to give a local underdog a shot at the title and Rocky is chosen. Rocky trains furiously for months with trainer Mickey Goldmill. Apollo and Rocky battle for 15 rounds, going blow for blow. The ring announcer declares the split decision goes to Creed. Rocky still feels he accomplished something for going all 15 rounds.

Rocky II (1979)

 Apollo challenges Rocky to a rematch, which he turns down. Rocky and Adrian get engaged. However, his inexperience with cash causes financial problems, and he accepts the rematch. Before the fight, Adrian gives birth to a son, Robert. In the fight, Apollo has a clear lead on everyone's scorecard, but wants a knockout. In the 15th round, Rocky knocks down Apollo with a devastating blow. Rocky's exhaustion causes him to fall, as well. Rocky manages to get back to his feet but Apollo doesn't. Rocky wins the heavyweight champion of the world.

Rocky III (1982)

 Rocky's statue is revealed at the Art Museum, where he is publicly challenged by James "Clubber" Lang. During an encounter before the fight, Mickey has a heart attack after being shoved by Lang. Lang knocks out Rocky in the second round. In the locker room, Rocky finds Mickey dying. Rocky is confronted by Apollo, who offers to train Rocky for a rematch with Lang in exchange for a "big favor." In the rematch, Lang quickly exhausts his energy by throwing continuous haymakers. Rocky is able to overpower the winded Lang, knocking him to the canvas and regaining his title.

Rocky IV (1985)

Ivan Drago arrives from the Soviet Union looking to challenge the best fighters in America. Apollo challenges Drago to an exhibition bout and Drago beats Apollo to death. In order to avenge Apollo's death, Rocky challenges Drago. The Soviet crowd boos Rocky endlessly. Drago dominates early and after the bell ends the second round, Drago punches Rocky and the two scuffle on the canvas. By the 14th round, the Soviet crowd seems to have migrated to Rocky's side because of his determination. Rocky lands a punch that causes Drago to fall, giving Rocky the title.

Rocky V (1990)

Rocky loses money in a business deal and goes bankrupt, causing him to take a fight against Union Cane. He cannot go through with the fight because of his health. He starts training a kid named Thomas "Tommy" Gunn. Tommy leaves Rocky for another trainer and wins the title but ,the media don't consider his opponent worthy so Tommy decides to challenge Rocky. After a bar altercation between Tommy and Paulie, Rocky agrees to a street fight, right there and then. It looked as if Tommy won the fight; Rocky was out on the street. With the thought of Mickey and the encouragement of his whole neighborhood, Rocky is able to get up and defeat Tommy.

Rocky Balboa (2006)

Rocky is now a widower in his 50s who spends his days in his restaurant. Newly crowned world heavyweight champion Mason "The Line" Dixon is not shown the respect he feels he deserves, so he seeks a worthy opponent. ESPN broadcasts a virtual fight between the two, in which Rocky wins by a controversial KO. Both fighters are inspired by the simulation, and the fight is scheduled. Rocky continuously surprises the crowd by hanging in there against the younger Dixon. The fight ends with both still standing. Dixon wins a split decision.