ORLANDO - Sean Lee is a picture of intensity and purpose when he is on the football field, and that's one of the reasons he will go down as the latest in the roll call of great linebackers to play at Penn State.

But Lee allowed the kid inside him to come out during the Nittany Lions' week at the Capital One Bowl, participating in all the festivities that were made available to the players for both Penn State and Louisiana State.

"You've got to go out and relax a little bit," Lee said. "You work hard during practice and you get in some extra time watching film. But you've got to get out and experience the bowl a little bit. I think that adds to the whole experience."

Lee, who visited Walt Disney World when he was younger, returned to the Magic Kingdom and to Epcot. He also paid visits to Sea World and the Universal Studios theme park.

Lee also enjoyed Sunday's event at DisneyQuest, where players interacted with more than 200 youths from area community groups. Lee spent time with his new friends participating on the Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam.

As for the balance this week between fun and work, Lee said, "I think it's all in your attitude.

"The younger guys who don't have to play in the game might be having more fun," he said. "The older guys are working hard in practice and trying to concentrate on the game, but they're having a little bit of fun."

For his favorite event of the week, Lee chose the Best Buy shopping spree - each player received a $420 gift card to buy anything he desired - even though he was unable to get a contract for an iPhone.

"I guess they don't give it to someone without a lot of credit," Lee said. "They wanted me to put down $500, and I couldn't do that. But I bought a [fitness] GPS with a running watch for my girlfriend. I'll get a phone later."