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Daily News' selectors give early predictions on BCS title game

Alabama or Auburn? Upon further review, here’s the way the boys see it.



While the boys reserve the right to make an

adjustment should things change, here is an early look at how our weekly college selectors see the BCS championship game playing out:

An SEC team getting points in a BCS championship game? What a nice, early Christmas present, though the Tigers aren't

going to need them.

Auburn, 38-28.

- Ed Barkowitz

The Seminoles were the best team all season. Why not now? Florida State, 31-17.

- Chuck Bausman

With close to a month to clear his head, FSU quarterback Jameis Winston should be primed for the title game, but I think Auburn's magic continues. Auburn, 38-34.

- Bob Cooney

In a showdown featuring two powerful offenses, the better defense will decide it. Florida State, 41-31.

- Bill Fleischman

Florida State dominated all year with an NFL-style passing game and future NFL players all over its defense. FSU, 48-28

- Dick Jerardi

Florida State, despite its schedule, has still looked the best in the eye test. I would have liked to have seen the Seminoles play Alabama. But Auburn earned the right to be here. Now we'll see if the Tigers can outscore the 'Noles. Auburn, 38-35.

- Mike Kern

Between the last-second touchdown against Georgia and the game-winning missed field-goal return for the win against Alabama, this season has been one of destiny for Auburn and will have the perfect ending against Florida State. Auburn, 35-32.

- Bob Vetrone