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Philly U's Magee leading Krzyzewski

Herb Magee is, for now, the all time winningest men's basketball coach, with two victories more than Duke's Mike Krzyzewski.

Philadelphia University head coach Herb Magee. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)
Philadelphia University head coach Herb Magee. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)Read more

TIME FOR a Herb Magee update.

Magee's Philadelphia University basketball squad lost to Boston College, 67-50, Sunday.

BC is coached by Steve Donahue, who was once an assistant under Magee at Philly U, a Division II school.

BC is Division I, so the game was an exhibition for Magee and did not count against his overall record. The Eagles, however, got a win, but the game didn't count in their RPI.

Got all that?

Magee still has a two-game lead over Duke's Mike Krzyzewski as the all-time winningest NCAA men's basketball coach.

Overall, Magee has 967 career victories. Krzyzewski has 965 with last night's win over Gardner-Webb.

It's a lead that probably won't last, as Duke plays 22 more regular-season games to Philly U's 18.

Duke then plays in the ACC and (most likely) NCAA tournaments, which gives Krzyzewski far more opportunities to win than the Division II playoffs give Magee.

But for now, Magee is the man.

Not write

Here's some free advice to all you female fans of Aaron Hernandez, the former Patriots tight end who is in jail awaiting trail for murder: Don't send him any letters.

According to TMZ, Hernandez is encouraging cellmates to respond to letters he receives from female admirers.

The website reported that a woman who sent letters to Hernandez at the Bristol County House of Corrections in Massachusetts received replies from other inmates.

One was from "Rondo," who wrote:

"A/H is my cellmate and friend he had given me your address saying he has a good feeling about you and I becoming penpals . . . So tell me about yourself. What do you look for in a man?"

The woman, wisely, did not respond.

Hernandez is awaiting trial for allegedly murdering 27-year-old Odin Lloyd in June.