NAVY QUARTERBACK Keenan Reynolds is leading the ESPN/Nissan online Heisman fan voting by a large margin.

And he's not even on the ballot. Well, he is. But he isn't.

An explanation:

Reynolds has received 37 percent of all votes, putting him far ahead of Alabama running back Derrick Henry, who has 23 percent. Yet, Reynolds is no longer among the seven players with links that allow fans to vote for them.

This, of course, doesn't sit well with the Naval Academy, which tweeted at @NavyAthletics: "Why was Keenan Reynolds taken off the ESPN Heisman House Voting? You now have to look for him manually (now)."

Conspiracy theorists can all relax. There is, according to the Washington Post, a simple explantion for why Reynolds' link was removed. The newspaper reached an ESPN spokesperson who explained that links are determined by a list generated by ESPN's Heisman Watch Experts.

Reynolds was seventh last week, but dropped after the Midshipmen lost to Houston.

For the record, Washington State QB Luke Falk, who is tied for third with 7 percent, also doesn't have a link.

As the Naval Academy tweet stated, fans can still vote for Reynolds. But it requires clicking on the "nominate your player" link, and selecting the conference, school and player from three different drop-down menus.

Something tells us Navy fans are smart enought to figure it out.

Hasselbeck passes

Earlier this week we reported on the remarkable success 40-year Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has had subbing for the injured Andrew Luck.

The old guy is 4-0, which might have raised a red flag in the eyes of the NFL, which drug-tested him on Wednesday.

Hasselbeck is used to it.

According to his current and past tweets, it's the fifth time April, 2014 he's been tested.

All five have been negative.