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Owls' Twitter reactions to Addazio's departure

Several of Temple's current and former players took to Twitter Tuesday after head coach Steve Addazio took the head-coaching position at Boston College. Several of the Owls want Temple to hire New York Giants assistant offensive line coach and former Temple assistant Matt Rhule. Here are some of their tweets:

Temple running back Matt Brown:

@MB_TU2: Hire MATT RHULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Temple cornerback Zamel Johnson:

@Zig_thakidd7: I feel you Tune! RT Hire MATT RHULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Zig_thakidd7: They'll come & go but I know I'm reppin #TUNation

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Steve Maneri, a former Owl:

@stevemaneri: Addazio to BC sad to see him go… would really like if they brought back Coach Rhule to take over #TempleTuff

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Terrance Knighton, a former Owl:

@Yougotroasted96: @OwlScoop_com Matt Rhule has my vote!!!!!

Temple linebacker Ahkeem Smith:

@PaIN_is_M3nTai: My votes on Rhule

Chicago Bears practice-squad offensive lineman Derek Dennis, a former Owl:

@6BONECRUSHER3: Me and Coach Rhule had our battles but he may be the best option#TU has at stability for a coach I hope  they give him a shot!

Temple quarterback Chris Coyer:

‏@Fat_Cat10: Well. Here we go again. 3 coaches in 5 years. Whatever just grinding that much harder to get where we wanna go next year

Former Temple quarterback Adam DiMichele:

@Adam_DiMichele: Matt Rhule should be the Temple University Head Football Coach #TU#TempleTuff

Former Temple defensive end Morkeith Brown:

@bdmb11: We pushing for it RT @Adam_DiMichele: Matt Rhule should be the Temple University Head Football Coach #TU#TempleTuff

Temple linebacker Tyler Matakevich:

@44_Matakevich: Wow

Temple defensive tackle Shahid Paulhill:

@Shahid_92: Addios Addazio

Temple defensive end Sean Daniels:

@Sean_Terrell: 10th and diamond scare the coaches right outta temple.. 3 in 4 years

Temple tight end Chris Parthemore:

@cParth83: Third time's a charm

Temple cornerback Abdul Smith:

@doolywears21: Coaches n females r the two things u can't trust in life #ColdWorld

@doolywears21: At the end of da day these coaches only look out 4 themselves, they'll sell u on a lie that only benefits them once everything is said and done

Temple linebacker Olaniyi Adewole:

@carpe_diem56: About the renovations to the building … We got a million quotes from etched on the wall and I've been there longer

Temple wideout C.J. Hammond:

@CJ_goes_Hamm: Addazio dipped out? #sheesh

@CJ_goes_Hamm: My TU Boyz ya gone be straight ya been through this before just stay together and keep working! Come back harder next year #tufb

@CJ_goes_Hamm: I know a lot of ya Happy lol

Former Temple offensive lineman Patrick Boyle:

@PatBoyle79: Wow Addazio bounced though?

Temple offensive lineman Scott Roorda:

@ScottRoorda_62: Family will prevail #TUFB #TUnation #brothers #Tuff