Earlier this week, La Salle announced that sophomore guard D.J. Peterson was to transfer so that he could be closer to his family.

Peterson has changed his mind, and now will stay with the Explorers.

"D.J. is close to his family and has missed them during his long absences from home," La Salle coach Dr. John Giannini said. "He also is close to his La Salle teammates. After deciding to transfer, he spoke with his parents and teammates and has since decided to stay at La Salle."

Giannini added that the Burnsville, Minn., natiev's decision "is strictly personal and not basketball-related."

Given his background in sports psychology, Giannini understands the issues Peterson has gone through being away from his family.

"It is hard for a young person to be pulled in two different directions," Giannini said. "I respect that D.J. has had to make a difficult personal decision. Our recent success is largely due to our chemistry and family atmosphere. We would support any decisions D.J. makes for his future and we are happy that we will continue to be a part of our team."

Peterson played in all 34 games last season for the Explorers, making 18 starts.. He averaged 3.9 points and 2.4 rebounds per game.