GRAHAM SPANIER wants a judge to allow him to travel outside of Pennsylvania.

It is, after all, the holiday season and the former Penn State president wants to visit his mom, who is sick and living in Chicago. He also has relatives in Iowa he wants to see, and there's that second home in New York that he hasn't been to in a while.

Last month, however, Spanier was charged with covering up complaints that former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky had showered with minor boys in facilities on Penn State's main campus.

Spanier was released on bail, but a judge ruled that he had to turn in his passport and restricted his travel outside of the state.

The 68-year-old Spanier has denied the charges and is, of course, innocent until proven guilty.

But if you ask us, the judge should allow him to leave the state - permanently.

He won't be missed.

What's shakin'?

Dwight Howard played eight seasons for the Magic before being traded to the Lakers in April.

And, while there was no love lost between the Magic and Howard, one would think he'd shake his former teammates hands after the Lakers lost to Orlando on Sunday.

Think again.

Maybe he was upset that the Lakers lost by 10. Maybe he was mad at himself for shooting 9-for-21 from the line. Whatever it was, the Orlando Sentinel reported that he left the court without shaking any of his former teammates' hands.

Which was no big deal, according to former Saint Joseph's star Jameer Nelson, who is averaging 13 points and 6.7 rebounds for the Magic.

"Certain guys don't shake hands after the game," Nelson said. "I don't have any hard feelings to the guy. He made a decision to do what he did. He's on the team that he's on. I'm here in Orlando, where I want to be. I just wish him the best of luck. I'm not going to go up and hug him and kiss him or anything like that. I think my coach would be mad at me."