What Penn State head coach James Franklin had to say at his weekly teleconference:

*On hosting some players and staff and their families for Thanksgiving: "I want them to understand what Thanksgivings are like at the Franklins. I don't want them to come dressed up and formal. It is sleep, it is eat, it is watch football, fall asleep on the couch, play ping-pong, board games, pool … I'm hoping that they'll come and slobber on my couch and eat turkey and just chill."

*On senior defensive tackle Tyrell Chavis, who reportedly had a tough upbringing: "He just really appreciates the opportunities and the support and the things that he's been able to get here at Penn State. The guy is going to be a success. He is a bright light. He is positive energy. He is amazing. Every single day in the team meeting, he's going to do something or say something to make everybody laugh, make everybody feel good. He's just a special, special guy. I'm really proud of him."

*On looking back on what Saquon Barkley has accomplished in the program: "Maryland. Maryland. Maryland. Maryland. Maryland. Maryland. Maryland. I prefer to keep my team as focused as possible on Maryland, then at the end of the season talk about some bigger picture things and some perspective."

*On his admitted struggles trying to determine when to put his second team in during a lopsided game: "You leave your ones in, you're jeopardizing injuries, people say you're running up the score. You put your twos in, people score a lot of points. You get angry text messages from people who have been drinking and the spread got messed up probably for them. A lot of things go into it."

*On the patience being shown by Barkley's backup, Miles Sanders: "Miles has been behind one of the better running backs, if not the best running back and player in college football. That's a really good challenge. You're a good player behind another good player, that's difficult. I also make the argument that Miles has been in a lab with one of the best professors in the country to learn from."