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What Are Temple's Chances?

Where does Temple stand?

At least statistically, it seems very good ...

As of Sunday morning, the three RPIs that we look at all had Temple at 34, 19th among schools that are in the At-Large Pool so far. At least three Sunday title-game losers will move ahead of them, and if Connecticut wins the Owls' conference (AAC), a fourth in SMU.

That puts Temple at 22nd or 23rd in RPI among schools to be considered for 36 At-Large slots.

Considering that the league they play in is considered at least mid-major, that their strength of schedule is right around 60 and, despite three losses to SMU since Jan. 14, the team is better than its record indicates because of the transfers that were added at the turn of the New Year, it would seem the Owls are a slam dunk.

Root for SMU today, just to be on the safe side, but there is only one way to find out for sure ... See you at 6 p.m. ...