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Villanova's magical 10th league win

Villanova's Magical 10th League Win

Villanova's win Wednesday night over Georgetown in their Big East season finale gives the Wildcats a final conference record of 10-8, which is significant for a lot of reasons.

For instance, according to reports, Big East teams that record double-digit conference victories makes the NCAA Tournament 94 percent of the time. That includes teams with more than 10 conference wins and teams that reached that figure in league schedules shorter than this season's 18 games.

So, we went over the 13 seasons prior to this one in which the Big East played an 18-game schedule and found 18 teams that finished exactly 10-8. One of them (Syracuse 1992-93) was ineligible for postseason play. Five others (*) won the Big East tournament, including the last two seasons when Louisville and Connecticut both used that as a springboard to the the Final Four.

Nine of the 12 remaining 10-8 teams received at-large bids. One of those that didn't was Villanova's 1994 club, which went on to win the NIT.

Teams that have finished 10-8 in regular season Big East conference play: