Fans and athletes took to social media to express their excitement over Villanova University's win in the NCAA championship and, of course, to gloat.

People were especially happy to note that not only did New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady lose the Super Bowl to the Philadelphia Eagles this year, but with 'Nova's win against the University of Michigan, Brady's alma mater also lost to a Philly-area team this year.

Others felt it their duty to dispel any notion that Villanova is in Philadelphia. While the university does sit 13 miles outside of Center City, it's often considered a Philly-area school. The city of Philadelphia is even hosting a championship parade — again — for the Wildcats, but that's not something everybody was happy about either.

But one school that's definitely in Philly city limits took the high road, sending out congrats to Nova, its fellow Big 5 team.

Perhaps the most popular meme making its way around Philly Tuesday was a screenshot of a Saturday Night Live Weekend Update segment featuring Tina Fey in a Villanova fleece vest and Jimmy Fallon in an Eagles sweatshirt. It comes from a 2016 skit about undecided voters in Pennsylvania.

Several current and former pro athletes also took to social media to congratulate the school, including 2008 Phillies World Series winner Ryan Howard.

Chris Long, defensive end for the Eagles, took some heat on social for a comment he made on Twitter during the game.

And William Kristol, editor at large for The Weekly Standard, wrote about how he handled rowdy Villanova fans as he traveled to Philly Tuesday.

But perhaps nobody said it better or gave Philadelphians — or Philly-area residents, if you will — more cause to be nervous of a jinx, than the Office of the City Representative.