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Daily News Eagles’ OT

Lofa Tatupu does not play for the Eagles.

Lofa Tatupu does not play for the Eagles.

Repeat. Lofa Tatupu does not play for the Eagles.

Unfortunately he was A.J. Feeley's favorite receiver, nabbing three interceptions, the last a devastating and perhaps season-ending pick after Brian Westbrook went New York Giants game circa 2003, returning a punt 64 yards to set up a first down at the Seahawks' 14.

The game leaves the Eagles with an audible but faint pulse at 5-7 with New York coming to town next week.

Here's a quick look at the highlights, or more appropriately lowlights, from the game.

* Seattle's goal-line stand will be remembered for the Seahawks' ability to twice stuff Brian Westbrook less than 6 inches from paydirt. The real issue, though, came two plays before Westbrook even touched the ball. On second-and-goal and a falldown from the goal line, A.J. Feeley inexplicably tried to connect with L.J. Smith in the end-zone corner. The pass had no chance, setting up the flailing third- and fourth-down tries and the goal-line stand stood all the more important when the Eagles scored on their first possession of the second half.

* After Bobby Engram got shellacked into a game-changing fumble by Sheldon Brown to start the second half, Matt Hasselbeck went right back to him. On the Seahawks' next possession Engram went high to haul in a 14-yard grab.

* On third-and-1, the Eagles made yet another curious playcall, going deep for L.J. Smith on the right sideline, this after Brian Westbrook chewed up 9 yards on two carries prior. The pass, naturally, fell incomplete.

* The dull silver lining (and yes, we searched the clouds hard to find it after this one): The Eagles went the entire game without getting called for a penalty.

* It is on days like this that we pause to remember that the word "fan" derives from fanatic. How else to explain a full stadium for a 5-6 team on a day where being outside was about as much fun as standing naked in a hurricane . . . in the Antarctic? It snowed to start, rained in the middle and poured by the end. The televised game was available in the warm confines of living rooms across the area and save for the club box folks who opted to watch inside the club the stands were fairly full until A.J. Feeley's third interception of the game robbed even the most fanatical fan of his or her last bit of optimism. Or maybe beer sales ended. *