THE BALTIMORE RAVENS used a captive group of volunteers over the weekend to help clear more than a foot of snow from the field at M & T Bank Stadium for yesterday's game against the Bears.

According to the Baltimore Sun, more than 1,750 workers pitched in to get the field game-ready. Among them were 17 inmates from a pre-

release unit from the Maryland Department of Corrections and another 80 from the Baltimore City Corrections Center.

There is no truth to the rumor that some of the inmates were former NFL players, although it wouldn't be hard to come up with a list of pros who have spent time in the slammer.

You could give shovels to Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress and Rae Carruth.

Jamal Lewis and Tank Johnson could operate snow plows.

Adam "Pacman" Jones and Donté Stallworth could handle salt detail.

Finally, you could put O.J. Simpson in charge of walkways and ramps. But, it'll be cold outside so remind him to find that other glove. And, oh yeah, tell him to bring the white Bronco. It's good in the snow, and some fan in the parking lot might need a jump.

If you knew then what you know now . . .

Imagine the odds you would have received if 6 short months ago you had bet that:

* Allen Iverson would be back with the Sixers.

* Mike Vick would be an Eagle.

* The Vikings would clinch a playoff spot with Brett Favre at quarterback.

* The Phillies would trade for Roy Halladay.

* The Phillies would trade Cliff Lee.

* Temple's football team would be invited to a bowl game.

* The Rams would have one win after Week 15.

* The Nets would have just two wins in their first 28 games.

- Tom Mahon

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