ARE THE EAGLES really going to finish 12-4 and get a first-round bye? I thought from the start this team would make the playoffs, but 12 wins? Really?

I have this vague, unreasonable fear of the law of averages, which swoops down out of the sky and, say, knocks the ball out of Macho Harris' grasp, for no other reason than that the Eagles might be getting ahead of their station.

Don't know much about the new Jerrydome, how loud it will be, how much of a homefield advantage the Cowboys will have. Like the Eagles, I'll be visiting for the first time. I do know that Andy Reid, 6-5 in the first meeting each season with Dallas, is 8-2 in the second meeting. That's a big number.

But I like the way Tony Romo is playing; for the first time since the San Diego game, the Eagles probably won't have an advantage at quarterback. They're going to have to play their best game of the season to gain what would be their first victory over a playoff-bound team.

Won't be shocked if it happens, but I can't say I'm counting on it.


Cowboys 26, Eagles 24.

- Les Bowen