THE EAGLES will be bringing a version of the halftime show you can watch at home to Lincoln Financial Field.

As part of an NFL initiative, the league is making its highly popular NFL RedZone Channel available in every stadium this season. Each team can decide whether and how often it wants to use the live video.

The Eagles have built a studio inside the Linc and will air a live halftime show on the video boards and television monitors inside the stadium, according to Tim McDermott, an Eagles senior vice president and the team's chief marketing officer.

McDermott said the show will have first-half highlights from the Eagles game, league highlights from the RedZone Channel, and a package that could focus on statistics, fantasy football and second-half analysis. He said the one or two hosts have yet to be hired.

"I think it's all about the fan experience," McDermott said. "From everything we've heard and seen, fans absolutely love the RedZone . . . We want to be sure to provide a great in-game experience for our fans who buy tickets to give them as much value as possible. At the same time, we recognize the TV experience is terribly powerful in a positive way for the fans. If somebody comes to the game, they should be getting all the access to what's happening around the league."

The RedZone feed is expected to be used at points other than at halftime, McDermott said.

The channel, entering its second season, shows every touchdown live and airs the key plays when a team gets inside the 20-yard line. The channel is being made available on cellphones this season and its use on other mobile devices is likely to follow.

"We'll definitely inject the RedZone when appropriate throughout the game," McDermott said. "We'll be mindful of what's going on around the league, in games of interest, and be able to serve them up when appropriate."

Help out your PAL

The Police Athletic League has done a lot for kids over the years. Here's a chance do to something in return. The third annual FOP League Softball All-Star Game and Home Run Derby takes place tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Rhawnhurst Recreation Center at Bustleton & Solly. The free event will feature a moonbounce, music and raffles, with all proceeeds going to PAL.