Here are some numbers that made a difference in Sunday night's Eagles-Cowboys game:


Call David Akers money in the bank, a sure thing, Mr. Clutch, Save the Day Dave, whatever you can think of to reflect near certainty of success. The Eagles' kicker tried three field goals and made three field goals. Sure, we've come to expect such consistency from the 36-year-old veteran. But it's still amazing how consistently consistent No. 2 is week after week.


Receiving yards for Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin on just one catch. With DeSean Jackson racking up the big numbers, Maclin was not needed to supply much. But it's not good for Maclin's morale to have a nondescript game. Andy Reid needs to keep Maclin's competitive juices flowing, especially with the Giants up next Sunday.


It wasn't the number of penalties - six for 59 yards - that made the Eagles look bad as it was how they committed them. Kick returner Jorrick Calvin drew an unnecessary roughness penalty for throwing a punch in the end zone, and DeSean Jackson was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for falling backward into the end zone on his 91-yard touchdown reception. Being feisty and entertaining is one thing. Costing your team valuable yards is simply childish.


Carries for Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. He ended with 149 yards and kept the clock moving at the end. No points for Shady in this game but plenty of contributions.


Raise your hand if you had the Birds with this record. Thought so.

- Gary Miles