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Winning attitude

WHENEVER THE EAGLES beat the Cowboys, fans can't help but be in a good mood. Bring on the Giants!

WHENEVER THE EAGLES beat the Cowboys, fans can't help but be in a good mood. Bring on the Giants!

Good win for the Eagles. Big plays from Vick, and Jackson sets up McCoy for big gainers later in the game, who it seems has become a fourth-quarter specialist, almost like a closer in baseball. I am concerned about the status of Bradley's elbow and the other injuries. Hopefully Samuel and Justice will be back next week. The foolish penalties are worrisome and could be costly in future games. Let's go to New York on Sunday and pretty much wrap up the division with a victory over the Giants.

- Barry Mortzfield, Downingtown

The Eagles have the look of a team that can score 30-plus points week in and week out. Problem is they may also allow that many with the mounting injuries on the defensive side of the ball. It was amazing to see how well the Birds did using only two weapons on offense - Jackson and McCoy. I think that the Giants will have their hands full next week if the Eagles use every weapon at their disposal! GO EAGLES!!!!

- Paul Groffie, Marlton, N.J.

I just got back from the Jerry Jones Palace and it was great coming from behind (again) to beat them in front of their still-arrogant fans. Bradley's elbow looked grotesque on the monster-sized HD TV above the field. I hope it is not too serious. Vick took a pounding but hung in there. The youthful speed of Shady and DJ ruled the night.

- John Braithwaite, Villanova

When Leonard Weaver went down (on his first carry of the season), I was concerned about who was going to make the key blocks in the backfield and run the ball in short yardage situations. Not anymore. Mike Vick might be the biggest surprise of the season. But LeSean McCoy has worked every bit as hard. He has stepped up every aspect of his game this year. He's a complete running back. And he iced the game for us [Sunday] night.

- Robert Pino, South Philadelphia