Michael Vick spent Tuesday morning at Boys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter School speaking out against dogfighting and discussing his journey back to the NFL.

Almost every answer the Eagles quarterback gave drew applause. But Vick drew the loudest response when a student asked whether he would be an Eagle next season.

"I would hope so," Vick said as most of the assembly erupted into cheers. "A lot of things have to happen. A lot of things have to take place. . . . But hopefully I'm a Philadelphia Eagle next season."

Indeed, a lot has to happen before Vick, who is in the second year of a two-year contract, is penciled in as the starting QB next season. NFL labor unrest has put almost all contract negotiations on hold. The Eagles may be willing to give Vick a long-term deal, but more than likely they will use their franchise tag to keep him in the fold for another season.

"We don't even know if we're going to have a season next year," Vick said later in front of cameras. "So I'm just enjoying this season and taking it one game at a time, enjoying the locker room, and enjoying the guys."

Vick spent most of his appearance lecturing the students on the wrongs of dogfighting and citing his mistakes as examples. At one point, he asked the students to raise their hands if they knew people involved in dogfighting. Almost every student raised his hand.

"Dogfighting is prominent all across the country, and I know it goes on in a lot of different urban areas," Vick said. "A lot of kids have probably seen it happening before. Hopefully, they're not involved in it, and hopefully they take away from what happened in my situation and avoid it at all costs."