IRVING, Texas - Dallas Cowboys running back Tashard Choice took a pounding from fans and some media members for asking Eagles quarterback Michael Vick for an autograph on the field after Sunday's game.

Choice, who apologized on Twitter on Monday, spoke to a large group of reporters yesterday and this is what he had to say:

"The reason for the apology was really for not getting the actual autograph," Choice said, "it was just for the simple fact that I didn't want anybody - my teammates especially - to feel disrespected. They didn't. They understood. That was my main thing. You feel me?

"Should it have been a different time? Yeah. But my whole thing is I wasn't thinking about that. I didn't think it'd get this big. Just keep it at a minimum. I've been knowing Mike since high school . . . Good dude.

"It was just after the game. The game is over. There's not a person in the media, there's not a coach, there's not a fan who cares more about winning or losing in any game I'm playing. Never. They don't know what we do on and off the football field, how hard we work 365 days a year to win football games."

Choice went on to say that many players had let him know they had also asked for autographs on the field.

"It wasn't caught on film," he said, "but I heard soccer players exchange jerseys after games. But I get drawn attention because it's a rival game and because people don't like Michael Vick. That's all right.

"My brother called me after the game and he was excited. He said, 'I saw you do it.' He didn't even know what was going to happen in the aftermath."

Tight end Martellus Bennett showed his support for Choice by interrupting the interview and asking the running back to sign a sock for his little cousin. Most of the people surrounding Choice laughed.

Choice did not.