Here is an excerpt from Thursday's Fantasy Football chat on with columnist John Gonzalez:

If you're joining the chat today, that means you're either still alive in your league or you're bored and you're just killing time until your Dungeons and Dragons tournament starts up. Good luck to both camps. Slay the opposition. And so on . . .

Comment from Brett: Ah the last fantasy chat of the year, and I can't yell Dwayne Bowe! Thanks for the fantasy advice this year, though! . . . How's your playoffs going?

Gonzo: You could yell Dwayne Bowe. On the whole, he had a fantastic season. I'm in three leagues. One league doesn't have playoffs. The second is a keeper league. I finished above .500 but missed the cut. In the third league, I'm in the semifinals this weekend with a good shot to win it all. Mike Vick is a monster - in fantasy, I mean.

Comment from Mario: I have Fred Jackson @ Miami, Brian Westbrook @ SD, Jonathan Stewart vs. Ari, and Matt Forte @ Minn. I can only start two. Which two should I go with?

Gonzo: Love Jonathan Stewart's matchup. The Panthers basically don't have a passing game, so he's in. Fred Jackson, too. Can't believe the fantasy year is over. I'm going to miss repeating the same Freddy Jackson/Janet Jackson joke from Friday.

Comment from Brett: Starting 3 WRs PPR: I have Jennings and Colston. Do I use Garçon, Collie, or a banged up Manningham? I hope you haven't done the Wishing Well challenge before this chat!

Gonzo: Garçon. That Wishing Well challenge has my name all over it. I plan to give it a shot before the new year. For the unfamiliar, Wishing Well is a bar in Bella Vista. Its challenge: two Shame Burgers (topped with scrapple, egg, and cheese), two orders of fries, and two beers in 45 minutes. If you do it, you get a $25 gift card and your photo on the wall.

When I win, I plan to use my gift card to buy more Shame Burgers. It will be a never-ending cycle. Tell my family I love them.

Comment from Guest: Should I start Jamaal Charles at the Rams this week or BenJarvus Green-Ellis at the Packers?

Gonzo: Charles for sure. Much better matchup. BJGE has been solid this season, but the Packers have let up very few touchdowns to running backs this year.

Comment from Mike: [Ray] Rice, [Terrell] Owens, Bowe, or [Deion] Branch. Will Bowe show up this week?!?!?

Gonzo: Bowe. And, yeah, I think he will. Then again, I've been wrong on pretty much every single Bowe-related issue since he came into the league. First I thought he would be good as a rookie. He wasn't. Then I thought he'd be good to start this season. He wasn't. Then I thought I should drop him because he was a bust - so naturally he's been a beast since Week 4. I hate him. I hate him a lot.

Comment from broadstparade: WR2 help - Johnny Knox, Sid Rice, or Brandon Marshall?

Gonzo: Knox and Marshall. Not crazy about Rice since the quarterback situation in Minny is a disaster. Also, they'll probably play outside at the University of Minnesota stadium. Have you ever been outside in Minnesota in December? Of course not. You'd be crazy to even consider it. But you're not crazy, are you? No. No you're not. I might be. Still waiting for the test results.