Here are some things to keep an eye on as the Eagles take on the Giants for first place in the NFC East:

Demure DeSean?

DeSean Jackson made headlines for many reasons last week, including his plunge into the end zone. His penalty drew the ire of some teammates. Does he tone down the act after that or does a big game bring out even more swagger?

Flag waving

Andy Reid clamored for more protection for his quarterback. Last Sunday, the Cowboys were flagged for hitting him in the head, and Anthony Spencer got fined. If the Giants rough up Vick, do the Eagles get more penalty yardage?

Chaney's challenge

Rookie Jamar Chaney will be the nerve center for the Eagles' defense this week, making checks and play calls in his first start. It's a big spot for the seventh-round pick. Is he up to the challenge on the road?

Winds of change?

David Akers has been reliable this year, but this is his first trip to the new Meadowlands stadium. Will the new stadium in the swamp have the same notorious winds as the old one? And how will Akers handle them in a game that could come down to a field goal?

Quiet but good

Because DeSean Jackson attracts so much attention, Jeremy Maclin often slides under the radar. He's not as flashy as his receiving counterpart, but he's been significantly steadier this season and will be facing a Giants team that he scorched in the first meeting.

Gone missing

Where have you gone, Jerome Harrison? Since the backup running back ran for 109 yards on 11 tries against the Redskins five games ago, he's had only four carries.

Dirty laundry

Eagles guard Todd Herremans was called for a cut block on Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty in the first meeting, and a few days later the Giant called him a dirty player.