YESTERDAY WAS TOUGH for guys named Matt Dodge.

There is the infamous Matt Dodge, a k a the Giants punter whose unwise punt to the Eagles' DeSean Jackson caused another Miracle of the Meadowlands on Sunday.

And there is the innocent Matt Dodge, who, according to, received hate tweets on his Twitter account from fans mistaking him for the punter.

At one point, the innocent Dodge tweeted back, "Whoa, just got hella twitter spammed thanks to that gawtdamn NY Giants punter, also named matt dodge. Think he'll buy my account?"

Probably not.

To his credit, the infamous Dodge talked about the punt yesterday. Dodge said he hadn't heard from former Giants punter Jeff Feagles, who had a similar moment on Oct. 19, 2003, when Brian Westbrook rallied the Eagles with an 84-yard return for a touchdown.

"[I heard from] a lot of people from back home," Dodge said "[They said] just 'keep your head up.' I mean, I'm a pretty resilient guy . . . Football doesn't define me. I know it's my job and everything, and I didn't get it done. But I still walked out with my head high. I had family here, loving on me . . . So it was good. I had a lot of support."

Nun better than this Philly doctor

The School Sisters of Notre Dame, an order of Catholic nuns in Baltimore, will have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year thanks, in part, to Dr. Nicholas DePace, a Philadelphia cardiologist.

Last month, the nuns auctioned a rare Honus Wagner baseball card that was bequeathed to them. When the winning bidder didn't pay the $220,000, the auction house called the good doctor, who was a longtime client. He agreed to buy it for the same amount.

"God bless him," Sister Virginia Muller told the Associated Press.

DePace said he plans to open a nonprofit museum in Collingswood, N.J., next year to showcase his vast memorabilia collection. The Wagner card, he said, will be on display.

- Tom Mahon

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