So, what in the world was DeSean Jackson trying to do when he ran just shy of the goal line from one side of the field to the other before scoring his electrifying game-winning punt return for a touchdown on Sunday?

Was the Eagles wide receiver showboating - that would be nothing new - or was he trying to run out the clock to end to game?

The answer, while still elusive, probably falls somewhere in between yes and yes.

Jackson was not made available to reporters Monday - that is, unless you were or FOXSports - but he gave a response after the game that suggested he intended to both celebrate his touchdown and burn the clock.

"I try to do something out of the ordinary," Jackson said. "I probably would've dove in from the 12-yard line if I could. I don't know, I knew there was 14 seconds left in the game, and I didn't know if there was time still left on the clock, so I just wanted to run along the goal line, and I knew nobody was going to catch me. Like I said, I like to do some things for excitement. That's what the fans and all the crowd pay for, so I like to bring that out."

Eagles coach Andy Reid said after the game that Jackson was trying to run out the clock.

"Most of us wouldn't be thinking about that at that particular time," Reid said.

While that may be true, the clock ran out when Jackson crossed the 20-yard line. The 24-year-old receiver has a history of antics just before he's about to score a touchdown.

In his rookie season, he dropped the football just short of the goal line and didn't score. Last season, he did a front somersault into the end zone. Just last week, before scoring on a 91-yard touchdown catch, he stopped short of the goal line, turned, and did the Nestea Plunge into the end zone.

Jackson's circuitous route into the end zone against the Giants, however, wasn't as extravagant as his other celebrations - if it was showboating. The wide receiver's memory-making touchdown came despite a foot sprain. He told the team's website on Monday that he was "feeling pretty good" and was "a little sore."

So, now that that's settled, here's the big question: What's next for No. 10?