If a fantasy football franchise owner is still worrying about roster moves during the holiday season, it's because his or her team has made it to the playoffs and may even be playing in a championship game this weekend.

Furthermore, there's a decent chance that Mr. Irrelevant is starting at quarterback for or against many franchises still in the hunt. That would be the Eagles' Michael Vick.

Vick was the 2009 fantasy draft's version of Mr. Irrelevant, which is the good-natured title bestowed on the last player taken annually in the NFL's real draft. Among players taken in ESPN online drafts "in a significant number of leagues," Vick was ranked No. 200 - last on the list - according to ESPN.com.

However, Vick has made himself highly relevant as fantasy football's No. 1 scorer so far on the strength of 2,755 yards and 20 touchdowns passing, plus 613 yards and eight TDs rushing.

Although Vick may have been ignored in many drafts, shrewd owners grabbed him off the waiver list as soon as possible after the Eagles' original starter, Kevin Kolb, suffered a concussion in the season-opener and Vick displayed the offensive flash that's made him a favorite to be the NFL's most valuable player.

Other than Vick, the smartest fantasy pickup this season has been Houston running back Arian Foster, whose draft selection ranking was No. 47, according to the ESPN.com list. Foster is fantasy football's No. 2 point-earner behind the Eagles QB.

The biggest bust? Wide receiver Randy Moss, the 11th player taken overall in the ESPN.com rankings, takes the honors in a walk, which is how he seemed to run his routes this season.

Contrary to TV analyst (and former Moss teammate) Cris Carter's frequent glowing appraisals, Moss has done little for three NFL teams and any fantasy owner unfortunate enough to have him on the roster. In the last seven games, Moss, now a little-used backup for Tennessee, has accounted for about 70 yards and zero touchdowns.

Remember Tebow. Last week, we noted that owners needing quarterback help might consider Tim Tebow, who has fantasy potential similar to Vick's as a dual threat. Indeed, in his first start last Sunday, Tebow ran for 78 yards and a touchdown and had an acceptable throwing day (138 yards, one TD, no interceptions).

He'll be worth considering after the top 12 or so quarterbacks are taken in next year's draft.