THE DAILY NEWS Eagles Fan Panel had

plenty to say about yesterday's postponement of the Eagles-Vikings game in snowy South Philadelphia.

I was really looking forward to watching football in the snow. Not that the NFL would ever make a decision based on money, but this should allow 2 more days for Saint Brett's concussion to heal, allowing him to play and giving the TV ratings a boost. Now the short rest next week could really hurt the Eagles, if the Cowboy game turns out to have a bearing on playoff seeding.

- Robert Pino, South Philly

I think it was a good idea to postpone the game. If we get as much snow as predicted, the traffic would be horrendous and hazardous, especially with it being a night game.

- Barry Mortzfield, Downingtown

Where do we live, Mamby Pamby Land? Play the game as scheduled. The 1948 and 1960 championships were played here in snowy conditions and we should have played this game. Who ever heard of Tuesday Night Football?

- John Braithwaite, Villanova

As a fan I would have loved to watch the game, but the reality was that it would have been so unfair to the fans to fight their way to and from the game. In this day and age the fans are always overlooked in favor of the huge advertising dollars that control all of sports. We pay the huge prices for tickets but the league cares only about themselves and the money they stand to make. For once they cared about our safety - you may never see this again!

- Paul Groffie, Marlton, N.J.

I can't remember this happening before to a home game. I've sat in the stands for a whole lot of bad weather in 50 years and never had to stay home because of a snow emergency. I see this as the NFL overreaching to take advantage of the league's most exciting offense and QB, as well as an emerging defense. Tuesday? How is that fair to anyone except the ratings? I guess No. 10 is right when he says that it's entertainment.

- J. Silow, Dresher

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