MEMBERS OF THE Daily News Eagles Fan Forum are not happy after Tuesday night's 24-14 loss to the Vikings.

[Michael] Vick was running for his life from the opening snap. He couldn't pick up the blitz and Big Red proved again that when his game plan doesn't work, he has no ability to adjust. Our defense needs to create turnovers and our offensive line has to protect the quarterback if we are going to advance in the playoffs. Everyone says Tom Brady is doing an amazing job with no weapons. I'll bet Vick would gladly trade one of his weapons for a lineman or two who can block.

- Rob Pino, South Philly

Hopefully, this loss will wake the team up. Since they are locked into the third seed, they can use next week as a bye week and rest some players. In 2 weeks, when the playoffs start, the team better be ready to play . . . I am also tired of hearing Reid say he needs to do better . . . blah blah blah . . . Just win the game and stop making excuses.

- Mike Hart, Ridley Park

Fresh off 4 days of pampering at the Four Seasons, Joe "Don't call me Spud" Webb played mistake-free and managed the game, while Michael Vick spent the night running for his life on one bad wheel. Lack of coaching adjustments on both sides of the ball gave the impression that the Eagles felt they could win this game with something less than their best effort. Wrong.

- John J. Braithwaite Jr., Villanova

When you only get two presents under the tree, one may be great (Eagles vs. Giants), but the other is usually terrible (Birds vs. Vikings). Even the mystical Vickdini couldn't pull this one out of his hat. Simple physics tells us you can't run (or throw a good pass) when you are always on your back. So, after all these years, Santa got his revenge and threw snowballs back at Philly fans.

- Mike Breggar, Cherry Hill