Eagles running back LeSean "Shady" McCoy has run into some more trouble for not showing up for paid appearances.

The latest Shady snafu, in Mountain Top, Luzerne County, has resulted in a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court civil judgment of $8,180.50 against McCoy and a co-defendant.

The May 18 judgment came after McCoy and a man listed in court records as Ishmail Kamara failed to respond to the lawsuit, said Barry Dyller, whose Luzerne law firm represented Sports Scene, the plaintiff.

McCoy was supposed to sign fan autographs at the sports-memorabilia store last year but walked after arriving to see federal law-enforcement officers inside the store, Dyller said.

Salvatore Argo, who owns the store, has since pleaded guilty to federal charges of trafficking counterfeit jerseys and is serving his sentence behind bars.

Argo, 36, sued McCoy because, despite his troubles, he'd paid the ballplayer in advance.

"I understand why Mr. McCoy did not show up, but I don't understand why he didn't refund the money," Dyller said.

Attempts to reach McCoy through the Eagles and through DreamCatcher Entertainment, the Harrisburg promotion company run by his older brother, LeRon, were not successful.

This marks the second time this year Shady has been accused of not refunding money he'd been paid for an event in which he didn't participate.

In March, LeRon told the Daily News that he was returning the $2,500 advance Shady had received to sign autographs at a Wilkes-Barre area restaurant and bar.

McCoy failed to reach Bentley's back on March 11 because he got a flat tire and because the car the bar offered to send to pick him up was not big enough to carry the player and his body guards, LeRon told the paper.