RUMORS ARE FLYING that Plaxico Burress, who last played for the Giants, wants to join Andy Reid's squad.

As a public service, we offer this warning to all Eagles players: If you end up with Burress as a teammate, do everything you can to avoid getting the locker next to his.


According to a report on, Burress is a hall of fame slob.

Yesterday, he was released from Oneida State Prison in Rome, N.Y., where he spent nearly 2 years on a weapons charge. Burress, you'll remember, is the pinhead who accidentally shot himself in the thigh when a gun in his pocket went off while he was partying in a Manhattan nightclub. The gun was not registered in New York or New Jersey, where Burress lived.

TMZ said it got hold of a report filed by a prison guard who searched Burress' cell in October.

"Inmate Burress' room was filthy," the report read. "I found opened bags of food on the floor, under the bed and under dirty clothes, books and paperwork, mail scattered throughout the room . . . Burress was told to clean his room."

All without a visit to the penalty box

Donald Brashear threw a punch or two in the four seasons he played with the Flyers.

On Saturday he threw a few more in his first MMA bout.

It only took Brashear 21 seconds to TKO Mathieu Bergeron in a bout held in Quebec City.

"I'm having fun learning it," the 39-year-old Brashear told's blog "Eye on Hockey." "I haven't done much fighting yet. I love learning it, and the fight was fun."

Brashear is signed up for two more fights, although there is no word on who his next opponent will be.

For old times' sake, we'd like to see him take on Marty McSorley.

- Tom Mahon

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