I KINDA FEEL LIKE I have to pick the Eagles here, if for no other reason than that I was the guy arguing against the "lose for a better draft position" stance just a few days ago.

So, I am picking a team to win for the second week in a row, a team that hasn't won 2 weeks in a row all season. (Remember, there was a bye between the Redskins and Cowboys wins.) But what the heck. I think the Jets are much like the Eagles, in the fact that they were touted in the preseason far beyond the level they've played to. Yes, they've now won three in a row - over the Bills, Redskins and Chiefs.

The Eagles are 8-0 all-time against the Jets, which doesn't mean much because a lot of those games were played before any of the current combatants were in the NFL. The Eagles are 1-5 at home, which probably does mean something. I'm choosing to believe it means they are due.

I think we'll see a sharper, better Michael Vick this week. If the Giants and Cowboys have won by the time the Eagles take the field, eliminating all reasonable playoff hope, that could change the dynamic, but I don't think many players in this locker room really think they're going to the playoffs anyway. I like LeSean McCoy in this game. I am not a big Mark Sanchez guy. A win here, with either a Giants or Cowboys loss, would make that Christmas Eve game in Dallas meaningful. Why not?

Prediction: Eagles 20, Jets 16.