* Two of the Eagles' first three plays were out of two-tight-end formations. LeSean McCoy gained a yard on the first and Michael Vick picked up 2 yards on the other one.

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* Michael Vick's poor third-down pass to Jeremy Maclin on the Eagles' first possession. He had Maclin open for a first down and missed him. It was one of the few poor passes Vick made yesterday. He had just seven incompletions in 22 attempts.

* Safety Kurt Coleman, who forced the first-quarter fumble that Juqua Parker returned for a touchdown, knocked the ball loose from Santonio Holmes with his helmet.

* Shonn Greene gained 33 yards on four straight runs on the Jets' first possession, all of it up the middle.

* On Vick's 26-yard touchdown pass to Brent Celek, the Eagles used a two-back set with fullback Owen Schmitt lined up on the wing. He was a key in pass protection on the play, giving Vick enough time to get the pass off.

* DeSean Jackson's 16-yard, third-and-7 completion, right before Vick's 11-yard touchdown run came against Darrelle Revis.

* The horrible roughing-the-passer penalty on the Jets' Marcus Dixon on the Eagles' second-quarter scoring drive. For starters, it should have been ruled a fumble rather than an incompletion. Secondly, Michael Vick dipped his head, which led to the helmet-to-helmet contact.

* Trent Cole was covering tight end Dustin Keller on his 41-yard reception in the second quarter. The Eagles ran a fire-zone blitz and Cole dropped into coverage.

* The two first-half special-teams turnovers by the Eagles by Curtis Marsh and Dion Lewis. Marsh also had a fumble last week against the Dolphins on that ill-conceived lateral from DeSean Jackson.

* The nice hustle by DeSean Jackson to chase down Brodney Pool after he recovered LeSean McCoy's second-quarter fumble.

* Mark Sanchez' second-quarter fumble came on a busted play. He went to hand the ball off to Shonn Greene, but Greene wasn't there, forcing Sanchez to ad-lib. Mike Patterson knocked the ball loose and Joselio Hanson recovered it.

* The nice block by fullback Owen Schmitt on safety Brodney Pool to spring LeSean McCoy on his 1-yard touchdown run in the third quarter.

* Asante Samuel left the game with an injured hamstring late in the first half. He appeared to injure it trying to make a tackle on wide receiver Jeremy Kerley.