Here is a look at some of the best and worst in Sunday's Eagles-Jets game that deserve special mention and our award: the Inky.

Inky for unsung defensive player of the game: He needs to work on his celebration, but defensive end Phillip Hunt recorded a sack for the second straight week and led the Eagles with six total tackles. Jason Babin's three sacks will get the attention - as they should - but Hunt's play over the last two weeks has softened the unrest over Brandon Graham's ineffectiveness.

Inky for luckiest player: For the second straight week, Eagles cornerback Curtis Marsh was saved by the defense after he made a dubious play on special teams. Last week it was Jason Babin forcing a fumble after Marsh coughed up the football on an ill-advised lateral on a punt return. This week it was Asante Samuel pulling in an interception after a punt bounced off Marsh and to the Jets.

Inky for best challenge: A Rex Ryan challenge late in the game awarded Plaxico Burress a touchdown, but the game was over at that point. Andy Reid, though, was able to reverse a called LeSean McCoy fumble. The replays were clear, and the Eagles went on to score on the drive. Reid is 9 of 14 on challenges this season.

Inky for best touchdown run: McCoy gets praise for his three rushing touchdowns and for setting a franchise record, but Michael Vick's second-quarter dash and dive at the pylon was a play few quarterbacks in this league can make. Vick's ribs may not be 100 percent, but it sure didn't look it on that play as he scored his first rushing touchdown on the season.

  Inky for dumbest penalty: Of the Jets' 11 penalties, a number were boneheaded. But how about Santonio Holmes' drawing a personal-foul flag for unsportsmanlike conduct after he scored to narrow the Eagles lead to 28-10? Holmes had already fumbled and had a pass bounce off his hands for a pick, and he taunted the Eagles by flapping his wings? What a dope.

Inky for luckiest coach: Keeping Vick in even after the Eagles were ahead, 38-13, late in the third quarter wasn't that outlandish. Andy Reid did have Vick hand off on first down. But when the quarterback dropped back on second down, ran around for 10 seconds, and was knocked to the ground, foreheads all around Eagles Nation were being dropped into hands. Wisely, Reid called on McCoy on third down, and he iced the game with a 33-yard touchdown run. Vick and McCoy were done after that.