EAGLES FANS FEEL betrayed, disappointed, angry (just empty the thesaurus) about this 7-8 season.

Fans want payback.

Some fans want the hide of Andy Reid. But all fans want a better draft, smarter playcalling, better clock management. They, too, want the players actually put in the right position, rather than someone just talking about it.

Through the discontent of having a final home game that means nothing, Eagles fans still will show up on Sunday and be seen and heard. Eagles fans are still loyal to the uniform and logo, if not the current proprietors.

Eagles fans will be at the Linc on Sunday and it isn't to see the Redskins. It isn't to see Reid's playcalling, either. They will be there because they are Eagles fans and there is a game and nothing will keep them away.

Not so in Cincinnati. The Bengals are 9-6 and will clinch a wild-card berth with a win over the Ravens on Sunday. The Cincy fans are so fired up about this, team management is doing everything but begging them to make an appearance at Paul Brown Stadium.

Yesterday, the Bengals had a buy-one, get-one-free offer to season-ticketholders. To fans who showed up for the tickets, the Bengals served hot dogs, cotton candy, hot chocolate and water.

Can you imagine?

Paul Brown Stadium has been one-third empty for most games this season. The only sellout was when the Steelers came to town - with their hordes of fans.

We're unhappy, crestfallen and depressed over this Eagles season. But through it all, Eagles fans, you can rejoice.

We are a lot of things, but we ain't Cincinnati.

Now what, Rex?

It will be curious to see how fan discontent with Jets coach Rex Ryan will play out.

Rex is a loudmouth. That's understood. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. But bravado is way cooler when there is winning behind it.

The Jets need about 40 things to happen on Sunday to sneak in the playoffs. Good luck with that.