IF YOU WATCHED this week's "Monday Night Football" pregame montage, then you witnessed a ritual devoid of Hank Williams Jr., but rife with actress Betty White.

White, who seemed full of something more than just Christmas cheer, provided reasons for her football fandom - one of which included Falcons quarterback and Penn Charter alum Matt Ryan.

But it ain't Ryan's play that keeps the 89-year-old White glued to her TV set. It's his looks.

"Ryan's nickname is Matty Ice because he's so cool," began White. "But I prefer Matty Steam because he's so hot."

Now it's not so much the comment, but White's facial expression and body language as she said it. The blog Deadspin has great HD video on its website.

Talk about things that make you go . . . eww.

Can't catch a break

Last week, we told the tale of 49ers wide receiver Braylon Edwards and his promise of $10,000 in scholarship money to 79 Ohio students who graduated high school and got into college.

But Edwards' getting released by San Francisco yesterday may make the payout a bit tougher. The 'Niners confirmed his release after Edwards sent out a cryptic message via Twitter.

He credited his slow rehab from a knee injury for the dismissal, saying it made it tougher to "re-sync with the offense."

Edwards only had 15 catches for 181 yards but zero touchdowns in eight games. He still stands to collect $3.5 million courtesy of the 1-year deal he signed in August.

A novel idea

For the fourth year in a row, NBATV will allow fans to vote for the Tuesday-night games they want the network to air. Fans can vote on NBA.com or Yahoo.com, in addition to Facebook.

Voting begins now for the following games on Tuesday, Jan. 3:

1) Bobcats at Cavaliers, 7

2) Hawks at Bulls, 8

3) Kings at Grizzlies, 8

4) Trail Blazers at Thunder, 8

5) Rockets at Lakers, 10:30.