NFL NETWORK analyst Mike Mayock, a Newtown Square resident, will break down each position in advance of the draft for Daily News readers. Here is Part 10 with his take on the inside linebackers:



Boston College

6-3 1/4¼, 242

Arm: 31

40-yard dash: 4.58

225-bench: 27

Projected Rd.: 1 (picks 11-20)

Mayock: "Kuechly is special. He's innately gifted. Takes great angles. Has great instincts. And he's the best zone pass-dropping linebacker I've ever seen coming out of college. If you want a comparison, it's Sean Lee, who's turned into a really good inside linebacker in the NFL. That's who Kuechly's like. He has a great feel for the game and is really good in the pass game. And let's face it, that's what the NFL has become - a pass-first league. Every once in a while a Kuechly or Sean Lee is going to get caught with a big body on him in the run game. But that's the way it goes. He'll go between 11 and 20 and is one of the safest picks in the draft."




5-11 1/8, 239

Arm: 31 5/8

40-yard dash: 4.47

225-bench: 24

Projected Rd.: 2

Mayock: "The neat thing about this kid is he not only ran an impressive time at the combine, but he also was extremely productive at Cal. So the productivity lines up [with the speed]. The speed is phenomenal. People are worried about his size. But I think he could start inside in both a 4-3 and 3-4. Some teams also are looking at him as a WILL."




6-1 1/8, 241

Arm: 33 1/4

40-yard dash: 4.69

225-bench: 15

Projected Rd.: 7-FA

Mayock: "I think there ought to be a rule that if you're a 4-year starter in the SEC like this kid, you gotta get a combine invite. I mean, the guy made 50 starts in the SEC and didn't get an invite. I know he's a try-hard tough guy without a lot of physical ability, but I don't care. You're going to get him late or as a priority free agent. He's going to be a core special teams player, and just might end up as a starter for a team some day."