We've seen two Michael Vicks. There was the spectacular MVP candidate who had nine outstanding games in 2010, and the one who was turnover and injury prone throughout 2011. Which one will he be closer to in 2012? More than any draft pick, the answer to that question will determine how far the Eagles go and how long he will remain the franchise quarterback in Philadelphia.


The intelligence, work ethic and knowledge is there. The arm strength, so far, has not. Kafka has a shot to be the No. 2 QB heading into the season. But how much better will he get? Will Kafka rise with a full offseason of work, or is he already near his ceiling?


In a league desperate for quarterbacks, it's a bit worrying when a one-time starter is entirely unwanted, as Edwards was in 2011. But he has been a serviceable player in the past and provides a veteran option if Kafka falters as a backup.

-Jonathan Tamari

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