When it comes to drafting at the most important position in football, the Eagles have done remarkably well.

The Birds have taken three quarterbacks in the first or second round since 1985, and each has paid dividends. Randall Cunningham (second round, 1985) was an electric player who made four Pro Bowls. Donovan McNabb (first round, 1999), Andy Reid's first-ever pick as head coach, was one of the top quarterbacks of his generation, making six Pro Bowls. Even if he falls short of Hall of Fame status, he helped lift the Eagles from years of struggles into annual contention.

Even Kevin Kolb (second round, 2007) helped in the end. He has shown few signs on the field of being the championship-caliber quarterback Reid once touted, but he did enough to bring back a second-round pick and former Pro Bowl cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

Considering how badly some teams swing and miss on quarterbacks, the recent record is laudable.

Even in later rounds, after the obvious talents have been picked over, the Eagles have found relative success. Koy Detmer, a seventh-round pick in 1997, spent 10 seasons in the NFL, a long stay for someone drafted so late. A.J. Feeley, taken in the fifth round in 2001, brought back a second-round pick in a 2005 trade and was still in the league last season.

The jury is still out on 2010 fourth-round pick Mike Kafka, but he has a chance to be the Eagles backup heading into this season.

Like any team, the Eagles have had misses at quarterback. But recently they have been on later picks and have been far outweighed by the team's hits. So while some believe the team should focus on other areas this draft, it might be foolish to bet against them if they do find a quarterback they like.