TRADITIONALLY, they call the last pick in the NFL draft, Mr. Irrelevant.

If a certain young woman is to be believed, this year's final selection might become known as "Mr. Lucky."

A flirty — some might say flighty — frizzy-haired woman who claims to be from New York has posted a video on the Internet promising that the last player selected in this year's draft will get "a night, alone with me."

"My name is Brianne, I live in New York City," the woman says. "And I'm super-excited for the NFL draft, but I'm really not interested in who is going No. 1 or No. 2 or No. 3 or No. 4, anyone really in the first round for that matter. Or the second round, third, fourth, fifth. What I'm interested in and what I've got my sights set on is Day 3, Round 7, Pick 253 — the last pick of the draft. Mr. Irrelevant.

"I've got this special place in my heart for, like, the humiliated, neglected, the last pick on the playground kind of guy. That's why I'm making the following offer. Whoever is this year's Mr. Irrelevant, is going to earn himself a night, alone, with me. And our time together, I guarantee you, will be anything but irrelevant."

The video looks to be a hoax, but you never know.

Not surprisingly there were quite a few comments concerning her proposal.

Our favs from various websites:

From Stormin1961: "I'll bet there's some Secret Service agent trying to qualify for the NFL draft.

Ecupirate was reminded of a scene from "Goodfellas": "If you wake up, you will see a barrel of a .45 in your face and her asking 'DO YOU LOVE HER?!!!!' "

Scottoleary went the "Fatal Attraction" route: "You can't see it, but directly behind her is a rabbit boiling in a pot."

MobyFromKentucky agreed: "She even has the Glenn Close sexy crazy hair."

C-Dub took a cautious approach: "Wow . . . Don't know if Mr. Irrelevant should be excited or scared."

But Cletus from Brooklyn said it best: "Kill it before it lays any eggs." n

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