OSI UMENYIORA is 30 years old, but acts like he's 2.

On Sunday, the Giants defensive end rekindled a feud with LeSean McCoy by sending the Eagles running back a tweet that said, "Happy Mothers Day Lesean Mccoy! Enjoy your special day!!"

Hmmmm. Wonder how long Osi has been saving that little gem?

McCoy responded by tweeting, "Lol let the beef begin."

Actually, the "beef" began in June.

Umenyiora was in a contract dispute with the Giants and McCoy tweeted that the two-time Pro Bowler was "overrated" and "soft." Osi responded by referring to LeSean as "Lady Gaga," and "she." In an later interview, he also called McCoy, "that woman."

You would think that might be the end of it all.

But no. Eleven months later, Umenyiora – who only recently opened a Twitter account – decided that one of the first things he would do is lash out at McCoy.

Soon after dissing McCoy on Sunday, Osi reached out to former teammate Brandon Jacobs, tweeting "u know the beef is never over. Never."

To be fair, someone sent Umenyiora a tweet hinting that a bounty should be put on McCoy. Osi responded, "nah i dont wish injuries on anybody, its not that serious. But i will see if Cris Carter can "put a little change on his head"

That's was joke — we think.

Peace of work

Metta World Peace is just as childish as Osi Umenyiora.

The Lakers forward formerly known as Ron Artest was suspended for seven games 3 weeks ago for elbowing Thunder guard James Harden in the head.

On Monday night, the Lakers and Thunder will open their best-of-seven Western Conference semifinal series.

Harden told the Los Angeles Times that he would not greet Harden before the game.

"He doesn't start. I only fist-bump the starting five," World Peace said. "I don't fist-bump subs."

Having a blast

Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton, who hit his 18th home run of the season Sunday, has more than twice as many dingers as the Phillies leader,Hunter Pence, who has seven.