EAGLES quarterback Michael Vick turned 32 on Tuesday and the Dallas Cowboys sent him the following birthday tweet: "Happy Birthday Michael Vick from #CowboysNation we can't wait til November, can you?!?"

Accompanying the greeting was a photo of linebacker DeMarcus Ware sacking Vick.

It wasn't long before someone at EaglesInsider responded with the tweet: "Did someone burn the game tapes from 2011?"

The Eagles, you'll remember, beat the 'Boys twice last season by a combined score of 54-14.

Soon, Albert Breer of NFL Network jumped into the conversation. "Fight," he tweeted.

Breer followed up with: "Twitterslapfest between the Cowboys and Eagles website folks may mean we finally have a slow news day this offseason."

The Eagles host the Cowboys on Sunday, Nov. 11 at 4:15 p.m.

Before that — July 31 to be exact — Ware celebrates his 30th birthday.

Eagles fans can drop him a line on Twitter at @DeMarcusWare. Be sure to tell him that Michael Vick says hello.

A jerk by any name

Dolphins wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has changed his name back to Johnson, but he's still a dipstick.

On Monday, he tweeted NFL commish Roger Goodell the following message: "@nflcommish Dad... I love u but I will be a problem this year... all fine money this year can be collected from @MiamiDolphins #management."