"You ARE the weakest link!" that shrill British femcee sniped at cowering quiz-show contestants a decade ago.

Now that the Eagles are major losers, too, maybe it's time to ask: Who's the weakest link on this club?

We want your votes.

Today and Wednesday, we'll tally your picks on the accompanying poll. Thursday, we'll narrow it to a Top 5, and on Friday, announce The Eagles' Weakest Link.

Please leave comments below that could be quoted in each followup.

Note that we skipped the obvious potshots at head coach Andy "I take full responsibility" Reid and owner Jeffrey Lurie, who hasn't played a down.

Instead, the focus is on the guys who collect trucks of bucks to put on the pads and outmuscle and outhustle other burly beasts, but week after week have failed.

Often miserably.

Redskins 31, Eagles 6. Ouch.

It's not all poor play-calling. Or lack of talent.

Often it's a lack of preparation, effort or execution by the players.

Dream digression: Imagine getting $10 for each utterance of "blown assignment" during a Birds broadcast.

So, except for top performers (like running back LeSean McCoy and kicker Alex Henery), the excused injured (Todd Herremens) and short-timers (defensive end Vinny Curry and guard Jake Scott), the accompanying poll includes the names of almost everybody who has started or frequently subbed for the Eagles this woeful 3-9 season.

Concerned about criteria? The object of this exercise isn't to pick the guy with the least ability. Schmo can't help it. It's the overpaid underperformer. The guy with talent who lags or lolligags, who fails to be a leader, who makes dumb decisions, who shies from contact, who lets fans down the most.

Think strongest link - a Brian Dawkins.

Who's the opposite in heart and smarts?