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Final vote: Who is Eagles' weakest link?

No doubt about it - the secondary is the primary focus of the wrath of Eagles fans.

(David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)
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No doubt about it - the secondary is the primary focus of the wrath of Eagles fans.

When fans were asked, "Who is the Eagles weakest link?" from among 25 choices, more than 70 percent of the 2,335 votes went to cornerbacks Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and safeties Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen.

Asomugha himself got 40.2 percent - 939 votes.

Now it's time, as promised in Tuesday's story, for the final showdown to determine Mr. Disappointment for the 2012 season.

The choice will be among six players - including offensive tackle Demetress Bell and quarterback Michael Vick - because Vick trailed Rodgers-Cromartie by just a few votes.

The next player, offensive tackle King Dunlap, was more than 40 votes short.

Overwhelmingly, fans' comments also zeroed in on the secondary - except for "Swoop is the weakest link," said by SedatedManiac, and a couple that ripped this exercise ("Way to keep it positive Pete," said another. "There's not enough vitriol on these threads?").

Hey, it's tough to be positive with a 3-9 team whose top Pro Bowl candidate might be the kicker.

And vitriol there was. Asomugha, compared to two players nicknamed "Toast," should have been "cut yesterday," according to comments. Coleman supposedly lacks even backup talent and couldn't start for the top two college teams, Alabama or Notre Dame.

Summing it up was "connorjr": "Disaster in the secondary all season! Total joke of an effort. Poor tackling. Lousy angles. Out leaped. Run over. You name it they find a way to embarass us each week. Not sure how or why none have been benched or cut????????"

Time to vote.

Even if, as "rustypop58" predicts, the result is going to "a land slide."