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TODAY'S GAME showed that Nick Foles is the QB of the future for the #Eagles. Or at least next season . . .

@PhillyReese 215,

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Before the game the big question was - draft pick or win? I can envision Manti T'eo in Eagles' green? But as they drove down the field I found myself praying for a win and enjoyed the few minutes of excitement after Maclin caught that pass. It was nice to see the Eagles happy! Regardless of what all the other horrible thoughts have been these past two months - eight games was too many to suffer through. A nice win is a nice win!

- Paul Groffie,

Marlton, N.J.

I don't care that the Eagles won today to ruin draft position. I watched a head coach of 14 years celebrate like he won the Super Bowl today.


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I hope all of the 2003 Bucs (including Joe Jurevicius) stayed to the end of the game to witness the coronation of Nick Foles. He showed the poise of a veteran. Jason Avant's catch would make Tommy McDonald proud. I almost forgot what winning feels like.

- John Braithwaite Jr.,


Talk about reversals . . . the EAGLES win on a (literally) last second drive? And the boos for the home team were NOT for the Birds this time? And Andy Reid smiled? Listen, a win is a win. And it's nice to see Nick Foles continue to progress. Any way shape or form . . . we'll take it.

- Mike Breggar,

Cherry Hill, N.J.

Nick Foles was SENSATIONAL . . . Foles passed for nearly 400 yards and had a FANTASTIC GAME WINNING DRIVE . . . WOW . . . this is only Foles' fourth start in the NFL and he is only 23 years old and will keep getting even better . . . Eagles have got themselves a young, big, 6-6, fearless gunslinger.

- jim35, on