SOME INTREPID folks were trying to work the gee-despite-the-win-you-were-eliminated-from-playoff-contention angle in the locker room Monday. Of the handful of Eagles available after a brief practice, nobody seemed shocked they weren't going to the postseason.

"It felt great to win, especially under the circumstances, with a lot of young guys in, a lot of key players out in key positions," tight end Clay Harbor said. Despite how the question was phrased, Harbor didn't even mention the playoffs.

"We weren't really even thinking about it that way," right tackle Dennis Kelly said. The Eagles' minuscule chances disappeared when the other three NFC East teams all won. "We were just worried about the one game. Unfortunately, like you said, other things fell into place."

Defensive end Trent Cole said: "We needed this win, and we needed some positivity to be going on around here. Losing, and the way we've been losing . . . it starts to become emotional, and having a win is just great for us as a team, and as fans as well."

This is the first time Andy Reid has missed the playoffs in back-to-back years, and it will be the Eagles' first losing season since 2005.