WE'RE CALLING a violation - actually two - on Danny Amendola.

On Sunday, the Rams receiver caught a touchdown pass early in the fourth quarter against the Vikings. He then spiked the ball so hard it bounced off the turf and smashed an elderly stadium employee - reportedly an usher - in the face. Broke the poor guy's glasses and all. It's a YouTube moment.

Amendola, who didn't see the guy get hurt, went on to celebrate.

No violation there.

But we're calling him out for spiking the ball in the first place. At the time, the Rams were trailing by 20 points.

Someone must have told Amendola what he had done, because after the Rams' next TD, he caught a two-point conversion pass and handed the ball to the guy as an apologetic gesture.

At least he thought he did. Amendola actually gave the ball to the wrong guy. A much younger-looking wrong guy.

Another violation? Absolutely.

By the way, the Rams lost, 36-22.

Slam-dunk gifts

Looking for cool gifts for the sports fans in your life? Tickets to City 6 basketball games (Big 5 plus Drexel) make great stocking suffers and there are plenty to choose from.

St. Joe's and La Salle, for example, both welcome Butler - which just pulled off a stunning upset over top-ranked Indiana. The Hawks host the Bulldogs on Jan. 9 at 7 p.m. The Explorers get them on Jan. 23 at 7 p.m.

On Dec. 31, at 4 p.m., you can kick off your New Year's Eve by watching Drexel host St. Joe's.

Like Palestra games? St. Joe's vs. Penn at the Palestra on Jan. 19 at 5. The Hawks play another game at the storied arena, this one against La Salle, on Feb. 16 at 1 p.m. And, of course, there's always Princeton at Penn, which this season will be held on March 12, at 7:30.

For those who like bigger venues, Villanova plays three games at the Wells Fargo Center: vs. Louisville on Jan. 22 at 8; vs. Syracuse on Jan. 26 at 11 a.m.; and vs. Georgetown on March 6 at 7.