HEY EAGLES FANS, want to let Jeffrey Lurie know how you feel and help out your favorite newspaper in the process?

Follow the lead of Carolina Panthers supporters, who purchased a full-page ad in Monday's Charlotte Observer ripping team owner Jerry Richardson. The ad was paid for by the "Peturbed Panthers PSL Owners Federation." The group claims the team is more interested in personal seat licenses and season-ticket sales than winning.

Oddly enough, the Eagles are mentioned in a section that questions why Richardson entrusts the team in "the hands of highly speculative NFL managers and coaches - including our young defensive coordinator who was given his walking papers in Philadelphia just prior to you hiring him?"

The "defensive coordinator" is, of course, Sean McDermott, who held the same position with the Eagles until his firing on Jan. 15, 2011. The Panthers hired him 2 days later. Sixteen days later, the Eagles moved Juan Castillo from offensive-line coach to defensive coordinator.

And we all know how that worked out. So cheer up Carolina. The Panthers are 5-9, but things could be worse.

You could have Todd Bowles.

Glad he showed up

Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor played in his first game Sunday, and threw the first pass of his NFL career. And to think he almost didn't go to the game against the Chiefs.

Pryor woke up with flu-like symptoms and said he felt so sick he called an ambulance after vomiting for what he said was the first time in his life.

"It was a little scary, yeah," said Pryor, who starred at Ohio State before coming to the Raiders in last year's supplemental draft.

Turns out it wasn't bad enough to keep him from subbing for starter Carson Palmer for a series in the second quarter. After a false-start penalty, Pryor handed off twice and threw an incomplete pass.

"It was a steppingstone," Pryor said. "I enjoyed the four plays. I was excited to get out there."