After opening the season 3-1, the Eagles lost 11 of their last 12. The blame for a disastrous two seasons can be pinned on many people, but Reid is ultimately responsible for a once-proud team becoming the laughingstock of the NFL.

This one is for the overall job. The ending was ugly, but Reid's Eagles had more good days than bad. On the eve of his official firing, he should be saluted for that.

↓ Jeffrey Lurie

The Eagles owner accepted what he deemed "unacceptable" and brought Reid back for another go-round. It proved to be a terrible decision and has set his franchise back even further. If Lurie botches his next big decision and hires the wrong coach, the failure will be all his.

↓ Michael Vick

For most of his tenure with the Eagles, Vick was a loyal soldier. But he threw his teammates under the bus with the following comment after the game: "I give it everything I got. Sometimes I wish I could play other positions. But I can't."

↑ LeSean McCoy

He fought valiantly to the end, but the Eagles are going to need a lot more than a Pro Bowl-caliber running back to turn this ship around.

↓ Nnamdi Asomugha

The vote here, after 16 games, is that the Eagles should not bring Asomugha back next season, even if the team has to take a $4 million salary-cap hit. He had a terrible day (and season) and was benched in the fourth quarter. Why didn't it happen sooner?

↑ Eagles fans

There are worse NFL franchises, teams with longer histories of ineptitude, but Eagles fans have had to endure a great deal over the last half century. Most continue to stick with the Green. The future of the franchise is as blurry as Mr. Magoo's vision.

↓ Eagles safeties

Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, Colt Anderson, David Sims, Jaiquawn Jarrett, O.J. Atogwe, Jarrad Page, Macho Harris, Sean Jones, Quintin Demps. They've all been disasters since the Eagles did not keep Brian Dawkins after the 2008 season. Is there anyone in the organization that can evaluate the position?

↓ DeMeco Ryans

Ryans deserves an up arrow for how he's played this season, often under difficult circumstances. It is likely he's back, but the last few games have made it clear that he's probably not a three-down linebacker anymore.

↓ Todd Bowles

The Eagles defensive coordinator was thrown into an untenable position. But his season of woe got even worse on Sunday. Why blitz with 17 seconds left before the half? How did Anderson end up covering Victor Cruz, who beat him for a 24-yard TD? And 42 points? Really?

↓ Brandon Graham

The defensive end had just two tackles and no sacks Sunday and struggled with tackle David Diehl.

- Jeff McLane