NEW COACH Chip Kelly has touted an even competition between Michael Vick and Nick Foles for the Eagles' starting quarterback position, but given the reworked 1-year, $10 million contract the Birds gave Vick, most of us figure he is likely to emerge as the starter.

That's pretty much what receiver Jeremy Maclin thinks, as well.

Maclin was asked yesterday, if he had to guess, who will be No. 1?

"Right now, you've got Mike going with the 'ones' and Nick sprinkling in some reps here and there, so . . . " Maclin said at his Lincoln Financial Field charity event honoring five moms of kids he met through his summer football camp in West Deptford, N.J., where Maclin lives.

The Eagles, who begin a 3-day rookie camp today, convene the entire team again Monday. In the first full-team camp, last month before the draft, Kelly told reporters - who were not allowed to watch practice - that Vick and Foles split reps evenly. Apparently, that was not quite the case.

"Michael Vick has proven himself as the guy. Nick Foles stepped in last year, and had some success, to a certain extent," said Maclin, after telling a questioner he was "not going to get caught up in all that."

The question actually had to do with whether Maclin was excited to see fourth-round rookie QB Matt Barkley, from USC, who obviously will be a rookie-camp media focus.

"Barkley, his college achievements are off the wall. He obviously has good guys to learn from," Maclin said. "I'm pretty sure he's going to have to embrace that and go through some ups and downs, being a rookie quarterback. As far as competition, if there is a competition or there isn't, I'm not going to get caught up in that. I'm going to do my job."

Maclin said that after being around Kelly a bit, his take on the new coach and wide receivers is "he wants a guy to be a complete football player. He wants a receiver to understand not only his position but every other position on the field."

Reporters will get their first glimpse of a Kelly NFL practice on Monday.

"It's going to be fast," Maclin said. "I'd advise you guys not to blink. It's going to be fast, there's going to be a lot of guys flying around. I think you'll see a bunch of people in different positions. That's the joy of this offense, though. I can play every position on the field."

Happy Mother's Day

As mentioned earlier, Jeremy Maclin was at the Linc to honor five moms of kids he got to know through the West Deptford edition of his football camp, which Maclin also runs in his native Missouri. The moms were told they were coming to the stadium for a community-service activity involving their sons, but once there, they were presented with bouquets and gift bags, courtesy of Maclin, as their kids took turns speaking in tribute.

"I can look back and reflect and understand where I came from," Maclin said. He feels he has two mothers: Patti Maclin, who struggled to raise him through poverty and alcohol issues, and Cindy Parres, the wife of Dr. Jeff Parres, Maclin's youth football coach. Maclin lived with the Parres family through high school and college. He has said that he felt his birth mother did the best she could.

"Both have played big parts in my life," Maclin said. "I don't know where I'd be without either one of them. I'm fortunate enough, I get two of 'em. I saw the struggles my real mom had. Growing up, I lived it. I always tried to do a little something [for Mother's Day], whether it was something I made in school or something I was able to grab for a few bucks . . . I know it's a very important and special day.

"The purpose of stuff like this is to see the looks on everybody's faces and feel the warmth of their hearts. I think I've come a long way . . . One of the things I had to do as a child was mature fast. I feel like I've been an adult for a long time now" though he only turns 25 tomorrow.

"He's a very awesome guy. We love him in the community," said Badia Gilmore, of West Deptford, whose 12-year-old son, Nasir, was able to keep the secret of the real purpose for their visit to the Linc. Gilmore and the other moms got a certificate for a spa day, a dinner gift certificate, tickets to an Eagles game and a collage their kids made. "[Nasir] is my oldest child, he's doing good in school - he's been on the honor roll all year long, and I just love him dearly."


The Eagles signed five of their eight draft picks: second-round tight end Zach Ertz, fifth-round safety Earl Wolff, and all three of the seventh-rounders, defensive end Joe Kruger, cornerback Jordan Poyer and defensive end David King. Yet to be signed are first-round offensive tackle Lane Johnson, third-round defensive lineman Bennie Logan and Matt Barkley . . . Among those attending rookie camp as a tryout is linebacker Chris Gocong, the Birds' third-round pick in 2006. Gocong started for the Eagles 2007-09, was traded to the Browns in 2010. He became a free agent this offseason, after not having played since rupturing an Achilles' tendon last August.